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Ra: (alternately spelled Ré): the ancient Egyptian sun god. 

Believed to rule all parts of the creative world.

Children of Ra

Children of Ra is located in seaside village of Montecito, California.

We are a unique eyewear company that is dedicated to creating the world’s finest eyewear in partnership with extraordinary individuals who – sometimes unknowingly – are operating as both a creative cultural force and an unwitting muse to many, thereby contributing to a landscape that continually redefines our lives. It is this next generation of influencers whose history, passions and aesthetics are reflected in each design, that comprises the “Children” of Ra.

Children of Ra x Francesco Carrozzini

"My mission is to create frames for people who share my passion for one-of-a-kind specialty pieces. This allows me to experiment freely with different styles, references, materials, and colors. But more importantly, I want the frames to feel truly special and to become collectors’ items. Individuality is important to me. I have always loved searching for unique pieces at vintage stores and flea markets and when coming across that exact 50’s biker jacket, knowing that I am only one of a very few to have it. Since the entire concept behind Children of RA is for these glasses to be a reflection of my personal style, I made sure that carried over into how they were produced. Each frame is handmade and individualy numbered (Series #1-330)."

"I hope you enjoy the frames as much as I have enjoyed designing them."

Francesco Carrozzini